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Watch and read thousands of fascinating timelines, or create your own. Complete with text, video and pictures to create a dynamic timeline mashup.

Using myHistro, you can combine maps and timelines seamlessly into one great presentation, convert any public timeline into a personal pdf file, or export it into Google Earth format for offline storage. All completed timelines can be embedded into your blog and websites for maximum exposure.

myHistro for personal use Map & record important moments in your life Share your timelines with friends and follow their stories Set your privacy for ´public´, ´friends only´ or ´private´ myHistro for BUSINESS Convert your corporate history into social marketing tool Preserve organizational heritage with myHistro timelines Embed corporate timelines into company’s website myHistro for EDUCATION Archive with several hundred professional historical timelines to choose from Great collaboration tools, ideal for creating homeworks Private & secure content management Create your free account & start creating and sharing your timelines right now!

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Get inspired with these timelines: The Spanish Empire Spanish empire which started to decay in the 19th century was one of the first global empires. French Revolutionary Wars In the last decade of the 18th century the French Republic waged war against almost every other Europan great power. During these conflicts Napoleon Bonaparte emerged as an influential figure. History of Johnson&Johnson General visualized overview China from Han to Mongols The history of China from the Han dynasty to the establishment of Mongol rule and the Yuan dynasty. The Achaemenid Persian Empire The Achaemenid kings of ancient Persia created the largest empire the world had yet seen, stretching from the Aegan to India, and developed an effective administration to establish their rule over it. Lady Gaga The one and only! Aztec Empire Before the Spanish conquests in the 16th century, the Aztecs managed to create a powerful empire that caught the European explorers with awe. Olympic Games Modern Games. From the beginning...

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Privacy No worries, everything is safe here! How to get started Some hints and suggestions

Create your first timelines by converting selected parts of your Geni´s family tree into myHistro´s family story. And visualize your career & education from LinkedIn or create a timeline of your good times (check in´s) from Foursquare with just one click.

Power tools Power up your blogs and websites!

Take advantage of our embedding options and amplify your stories. With simple copy-paste embed selected timeline's code into your blog or website. MyHistro’s embedded windows are fully customizable and allow map-timeline visualizations for most external blogs & websites.

MyHistro works without Flash which makes the app more responsive than other online timelines.
makeuseof Israel Nicolas In short the app is so flexible as to only really be limited by the ideas of its' application.
New Ways to Learn

Use myhistro to tell stories that include what, when, and why across curriculum areas and grade levels that work like a dream on your interactive presentation surface.

American Association of School Librarians MyHistro is different enough to be distinguished from other social networks and offer a unique experience to the user.
Arctic Startup Anna Bessonova Watch and read thousands of fascinating timelines, or create your own.

The app bills itself as being great for history, geography, and social science teachers, but as a map lover myself, I believe you can use this app with virtually any course.

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